Pastor's Welcome

My Dear People of God;

For over one hundred years Transfiguratioin Parish has welcomed diverse peoples into its arms of love to worship God and celebrate the most important events of human life.  In the Roman Catholic tradition, we listen to God's Word in the Sacred Scriptures and experience the grace of conversion.  We get to know Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Through the celebration of the Church's Sacraments we are given the free grace to be saved for all eternity.  What a wonderful gift God's love is for us and His grace making us brothers and sisters in the Lord.  We welcome all who come to be a part of our community and we have a place for all. With us, you will enjoy faithful Catholic Homilies and the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy of the Church.  You will hear beautiful sacred music directing our hearts and minds to God and His love for us.

Our church building inspires all who enter through its doors.

As pastor I look forward to meeting you after mass in our parish.   Join us!  

 Father Tom



Father Tom was born on September 23, 1937, the son of Walter and Mary Kobuszewski. 

He attended Sacred Heart grammar school in Syracuse and graduated from St. John’s Catholic Academy on June 26, 1955.

Father Tom found his calling and prepared for the priesthood by continuing his education at St. Mary’s College and Saints Cyril and Methodius Seminary at Orchard Lake, Michigan.  He was ordained on May 16, 1964.

He furthered his education with degree programs at Stonehill College and at Onondaga Community College in 1974, where he completed coursework on mental retardation; in 1975 he took a special course in religious education for the mentally challenged.

Significant contributions to the Catholic Church:

1964 – 1969        Assistant at St. Mary’s of New York Mills

1969 – 1974        Assistant at Sacred Heart in Syracuse

1974 – 1976        Assistant at Transfiguration Church in Syracuse

1976 – 1982        Director of Special Education, Syracuse

1982 – 1995        Administrator of St. Stephen’s, Syracuse

1995 – 1999        Associate of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Liverpool, NY

                            Administrator for St. Patrick’s, Syracuse & Transfiguration, Rome, NY

1999 – Current  Pastor at Transfiguration Church in Syracuse, NY